Body Massage at Home For Men in Delhi NCR

Body Massage at Home For Men in Delhi NCR


  • Recreating Spa experience at Home - Includes Massage bed, oils, music, candles, aroma
  • Trained Male Therapists - Minimum experience of 2 years
  • Monitor repairing and replacement
  • Relaxing Therapies - Swedish & Deep Tissue Massages for Full Body, Head, Foot

Massage at Home For Men in Delhi NCR

With hectic work schedules and busy lifestyles, it is tough to make time to relax the body and mind. And yet, taking the occasional break is necessary, whether in the form of a long vacation, or a relaxing 60 minute massage. We understand this need that most men feel, but rarely get the time to address. Which is why we crafted our unique Massage at Home service for men - a relaxing and therapeutic massage by an experienced massage therapist, served to you in your home.

Why men need a monthly Massage?

  • Research has shown that a simple 30 minute head and shoulder massage immediately relaxes the brain and calms the nerves.
  • A monthly massage relieves all kinds of body aches. If you suffer from pain, particularly your lower back or shoulders, a medium-pressure Thai massage or a deep-pressure Deep Tissue massage would offer relief.
  • You should add massage therapy to your fitness plan. This increased flexibility makes regular exercise easier, and even more impactful. A massage reduces the strain, soreness, and tension in the muscles
  • Get a a light-pressure aromatherapy massage and see the results almost immediately! You will find your sleeping pattern improve when you book a good massage regularly. You sleep will be deep and uninterrupted, and you will wake up feeling refreshed and active.
  • A regular massage can help boost immunity. A 45 minute Swedish massage improves the protein levels in the blood, that in turn, help fight disease - causing pathogens.

What is exactly is an ASAP Massage at Home for Men service?

ASAP Massage at Home offers men a relaxing head, shoulder, or a full body massage in the comfort and convenience of their home, at a time and day of their choosing.

Our well-trained and experienced, male therapists arrive on time, are well-equipped, use high quality products, are mindful of hygiene and clean up after the service, all for an affordable price!

How Massage for Men works

Once your booking has been confirmed, a male massage therapist will reach your house on the date and time you have selected. He will be carrying a complete spa and massage kit and a full size, portable massage bed, for the massage therapy. However, you can opt to take the massage on your own bed since our therapist will also be carrying disposable sheets and towels. You can than pick an oil for your massage from a range of healing natural oils. Our therapist can advice you on the same. He will also ask you for specific pain areas on your body, to concentrate on, or if there any injury areas he should avoid. Once the massage is done, our therapist will clean up and tidy the place, before leaving your house.

What are the different massage therapies ASAP offers

Spa menus can be baffling for almost anyone who isn’t too familiar with spa services. How different is a Balinese massage difference from a Thai - aren’t there from the same side of the world?

  • Swedish Massage for Full Body: The Swedish/Classic is a light massage therapy recommended to first-timers. A therapist uses simple techniques or movements like sliding, kneading, rhythmic tapping, friction and shaking. Swedish massage is beneficial to people seeking pain relief.
  • Deep Tissue Massage for Full Body: A Deep Tissue massage relieves chronic muscle pain. It stimulates the blood flow to help reduce inflammation causing the pain. A Deep Tissue massage also heals scar tissues or post-injury scarring at the muscular level which causes difficulty in movement. And, it certainly eject the stress out of the system!
  • Foot Reflexology: While reflexology can be done to any of the limbs, it is most commonly applied to the feet. Reflexology makes use of pressure application to specific points on the feet, to reduce pain in any part of the body. Now whether for pain relief or relaxation, who can resist a good foot massage!
  • Head, Neck and shoulder massage: A simple 50-minute head, neck, and shoulder massage is great way to ease the stiffness in the muscles. This is a great pick for anyone with a sedentary lifestyle, and spends long hours at a desk.